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date published: 15-08-2018

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I am trying to set up a dual boot so i can run xp and windows 7. I have tried to make a new bootable disk with the SATA drivers included, but .

If you want to ensure that the XP partition boots as drive C:, then ensure the it is usually best to use WinSetupFromUSB to prepare a bootable USB Flash Windows XP Installs in two steps using E2B+DPMS (driver pack mass storage files) to install XP to a target system even if it has an AHCI controller with SATA hard .

  • The original Windows XP Installation CD, a freeware application named NLite and a blank CD. Moreover, we need the drivers for the SATA controller provided by the manufacturer.

  • I've just gotten a new Dell XPS 210 computer. It's my first computer with purely SATA drives and it's giving me some problems. I want to install Windows XP and delete Vista. First off I can't use my normal boot CD as it doesn't find the CD-rom drive. Neither will it find an external USB CD-rom.

  • If you have a Windows XP Install ISO file and a USB flash drive or USB hard disk drive, you can install Windows XP to any IDE/SATA/SCSI/RAID system directly from the XP ISO file. The XP Install.

  • 2. Load the drivers from a FAT16 USB drive. No guarantees this one will work, but it's the most likely of the USB drive methods to work. If the drive is FAT16, and the BIOS is set to support Legacy USB drives. it might work. 3. Slipstream the drivers into the XP CD with nLite, as previously mentioned. 4. Install Vista.

  • If the hard drive is a SATA drive, XP will need the SATA drivers to install if the drive controller is in AHCI mode.The options are to set the drive controller to emulate.

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The ide is a milestone since it has been such a pain to install xp. 3 sata drives and 3 ide drives later I have one success, granted that I think the two other ide were toast.

  1. Create a bootable USB drive for Windows XP: Insert the USB drive to proper port and launch ‘Power ISO’. From the menu, navigate to Tools create bootable USB drive. The dialogue with “Create bootable USB Drive” appears as a pop-up. Confirm the UAC to continue.

  2. How to Install Windows XP from USB Flash Drive. Step 2. After preparing the bootable USB device (with any of the above processes), you need to boot your computer from the USB drive to start the setup process. Go through the following steps in order to boot your PC/Laptop from the removable device.

  3. XP was not written to install drivers from a USB flash drive, because those were pretty new technology back in 2001. Floppy disks were mainstream and included on almost every PC back then. So, if you don't have a USB FDD, then you will have to slipstream the driver folder.

Nov 7, 2012 Installing Windows XP on a Serial ATA hard drive is not an easy task, because the system does not recognize SATA drivers at startup. Windows .

  1. Download the SATA drivers you need, then get the sys file of the driver and put it in the Windows/System32/Drivers folder, then get the inf file of the driver and put it in the Windows/inf folder. You could use drivermax to locate the Sata drivers.

  2. I. Preparing a Bootable Flash Drive Materials: -AHCI/SATA driver, which is usually found under the Windows Vista/7 driver.

  3. How to install Windows XP with builtin F6 floppy drivers for AHCI/RAID disk using USB Using the power of FlashBoot, you can solve even this challenge. SATA controller can work in two modes: ATA-compatible mode (i.e. look like ATA .

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Installing Windows XP on a SATA hard drive is not a straight-forward task as Windows XP does not recognize the SATA drive. In order to install operating systems such as Windows XP on SATA drives, the latest SATA drivers are required.