Lowell Snow Plow Driver Youtube

date published: 02-08-2018

LOWELL -- A plow driver for a private contractor who produced a profanity-laced video of himself enjoying plowing in people's cars and driveways won't be plowing in the Mill City this weekend.

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Feb 25, 2013 BOSTON (CBS) – It's probably too late, but the snow plow driver who posting a YouTube video of himself, burying parked cars in Lowell and .

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Mark Hussey was fired from his job as a snow plow driver in Lowell, Mass., after he bragged on YouTube about burying cars after a big storm; his apology was also less than artful.

A snow plow driver nicknamed Dogg is in the doghouse of one Massachustetts city after filming himself burying cars with snow during a blizzard and having a good laugh about.

Video from my ride along w DPW plow driver Dave Dyment here in Lowell. More on this in a bit. Great guy. Tough job. UID: sxqmym Created At: 2015-01-27T20:44:41Z.

I'm just your friendly plow driver here to tell you about my job and give you some tips on how to make mine and your life easier. I'm looking forward to Spring.

A local snow plow driver is without a job after his expletive-laced rant went viral on YouTube, according to reports. The driver, identified in media reports as Mark Hussey of Billerica, worked.

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Feb 25, 2013 A snow plow driver in Lowell, Mass., is out of a job this morning after his Dogg said in the video, which he removed from YouTube on Friday.