Stage 4 Clutch Daily Driver

date published: 20-08-2018

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  • Not sure who told you that you need a performance clutch OP, but for this instance you really don't need anything more. You'll probably find the really stiff pressure plate in a Stage 1 or 2 to be bothersome in a daily driver. Unless you just really want to be able to brag that you have a Stage 1 or 2 clutch, for whatever reason.

  • The Exedy Mach 600 Stage 4 Clutch can handle the abuse of your heavily modded Mustang's engine without fading and delivers quick engagement for time-saving shifts. Ready to Race. Exedy's Mach 600 Stage 4 clutch is designed to be the ultimate race ready, streetable clutch.

  • Single Disc Clutches Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit - Subaru STI 2004+ Competition Clutch Stage 4 6-Puck Clutch Kit I have about 600+ miles on this clutch with the lightweight fly wheel and I have to say it's a pretty tough daily driver clutch on stop and go. Our customer service representatives monitor backorders.

  • I've done 6 puck before on a daily driver (Old RPS Stage 3 and RPC carbon carbon) and they did not last long, so not sure that I want to go that route. If I stick with a full faced clutch. Best option for that so far: South Bend Stage 4 Extreme - 800ft/lb torque 2.50.

  • Buy Competition Clutch Stage 4 Six Puck Clutch Kit for Honda/Acura B Series Applications: Good for daily driving with the needed performance build.

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Clutch Masters Stage 4 Clutch, Streetable or No? This is my daily driver, I work downtown and I need to beable to Parallel Park, I plan on running the Dynoworks GT3071R kit so about 400 whp. It will be raced often.

This Stage 4 Performance Clutch Kit is designed to optimize aggressive street use and some moderate track use, perfect for the daily driver that sometimes .

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May 13, 2018 That stage 3 clutch might be great for holding power, but it's not going to do great on your commute.

What is the difference between a stage 4,3,2 clutch? slightly more uncomfortable clutch for your daily driver. As for rhd / lhd this should have no affect on the clutch. reply; nxl0907. 12 / 17 / 13. Permalink. perhaps.